Pastor Wendy Roundy

Married to high school sweetheart, mother and grandmother. Born again follower of Jesus Christ since 1974 with a call of missions at a very early age. Left a 34 year career in the insurance industry and sold a business to go full time in ministry. Graduated from AFCM’s Empower Bible School after four years full time; Degree in Biblical Studies/Theology from Rappahannock and Thomas Nelson community colleges. Became an AFCM ordained Pastor and started Restoration Church in 2016, which is part of the Helping The Homeless Ministries founded with husband in 2010. Spent several years as a missionary with the Joyce Meyers Ministries, then founded Iamjesusgal Ministries; missions in multiple African countries as well as Guatemala, love to sing and worship, love my Bible, love horses, love photography, love time with my family and most of all, I love Jesus who healed me, saved me, delivered me and set me free, and I love helping others meet Him!